I need to take attendance every day for purposes of financial aid. Attendance won't affect your grade directly, but since there's homework due (or an exam) every day, you still probably shouldn't skip class. (In any case, it's harder to learn if you skip!) I will normally use the homework (or exam) to take attendance. Even if you turn in homework late, you should make sure that you turn in something with your name on it every day: a homework assignment, a quiz, an exam, or even a blank piece of paper!

If you expect to be absent, then tell me ahead of time! It's much easier that way to arrange turning in homework and making up quizzes and exams. I will still accept late assignments, but only until I return them and post the solutions; after that, it's too late. If you arrange things ahead of time, however, then I can plan to ensure that you don't miss out.

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