Downloading files

Some of the files on this web site, particularly homework assignments and other documents likely to need mathematical symbols, have been prepared using the typesetting language TeX. This doesn't compile very well to HTML (the native language of the World Wide Web), so you'll have to download them in some other format. I've provided them in PostScript and PDF, both of which have free readers for Windows and many other operating systems.

In my opinion, PostScript is superior, so I always give the PostScript link first. If you're using a school computer or some other computer with default software installed, then you probably don't have a PostScript reader. But if you can install software on your computer, then I encourage you to download Ghostview, which is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and other systems. (Note that you need to download and install two separate programs, GPL Ghostscript and GSview; these are both available from the same web site.)

Alternatively, you can read the PDF version. With any luck, you already have a PDF reader installed; if not, Ghostview can also read PDF files. But the only reason to prefer PDF is if your computer already has a PDF reader installed. Of course, there are PostScript (and PDF) files elsewhere on the Internet, so you may as well install Ghostview anyway if you want a computer that can do everything.

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