Readings and homework

I will assign readings listed below. Most readings will have associated exercises due in class the next day. Unless otherwise specified, all problems are from the 3rd Edition of Elementary & Intermediate Algebra written by Sullivan et al and published by Prentice-Hall (Pearson).

Here are the assigned readings and exercises (Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3, Reading 4, Reading 5, Reading 6, Reading 7, Reading 8, Reading 9, Reading 10, Reading 11, Reading 12, Reading 13, Reading 14):

  1. Introduction:
  2. The arithmetic operations:
  3. Exponentiation and order of operations:
  4. Identities for arithmetic:
  5. Algebraic expressions:
  6. Solutions:
  7. Linear equations:
  8. Inequalities and absolute value:
  9. Word problems:
  10. Special word problems:
  11. Equations with several variables:
  12. Lines:
  13. Systems of equations:
  14. Multiplying and dividing polynomials:
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