There will be two exams, each covering half of the material of the course. They will be like the quizzes, but longer and with new problems (not problems from the homework).

For an exam, you may use your notes, so you may refer to your homework assignments if you did them. However, you may not use your book or anything else not written by you. You certainly should not talk to other people! Calculators are allowed, although you shouldn't really need them.

The first exam is on November 4 Friday, to prepare for the midterm grades that come out the next week.

The next exam is on December 12 Monday, so that you can see your tentative grade on the last day of class.

The final exam will be based on college-wide standard requirements, so it may be different in style from the other exams. It will be on December 14 Wednesday, the last day of class; you will need to give me written permission then if you want me to give your grade by email.

If you will miss an exam, then tell me as soon as you know.

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