Welcome to the permanent home page for Section ES32 of MATH-1100 (Intermediate Algebra) at Southeast Community College in the Fall term of 2020. I am Toby Bartels, your instructor.

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Required resources

The official textbook for the course is the 4th Edition of Elementary & Intermediate Algebra written by Sullivan et al and published by Prentice-Hall (Pearson). You will automatically get an online version of this textbook through Canvas, although you can also order a print version if you like. This comes with access to Pearson MyLabs, directly integrated into Canvas), on which many of the assignments appear.

Rational expressions

  1. General review:
  2. Rational expressions:
  3. Adding rational expressions:
  4. Complex rational expressions:
  5. Rational equations:
  6. Word problems with division:
Quiz 1, covering the material in Problem Sets 1–6, is available after class on September 24 Thursday and due before class on September 29 Tuesday.

Systems and roots

  1. Systems of equations:
  2. Word problems with multiple variables:
  3. Mixture problems:
  4. Roots:
  5. Simplifying radical expressions:
  6. Arithmetic with roots:
  7. Dividing radical expressions:
  8. Radical equations:
  9. Complex numbers:
Quiz 2, covering the material in Problem Sets 7–15, is available after class on October 29 Thursday.

Quadratic equations and functions

  1. Quadratic equations:
  2. The quadratic formula:
  3. Fancy equations:
  4. Word problems with quadratic equations and roots:
  5. Relations:
  6. Functions:
  7. Graphs of functions:
  8. Compound inequalities:
  9. Absolute value:
Quiz 3, covering the material in Problem Sets 16–24, is available after class on December 3 Thursday.


  1. Rational expressions:
  2. Systems and roots:
  3. Quadratic equations and functions:

Final exam

A comprehensive final exam is on December 17 Thursday from 2:30 PM to 4:10. The exam will consist of questions similar in style and content to those in the practice final exam (TBA).
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