I will probably assign homework from the textbook every day (except during the final week, when we have the final exam), covering material that I will lecture on briefly that day, and due the next non-exam class day. However, only some problems will actually be graded; during class on the day that the homework is due, you will have the opportunity to work in small groups to discuss your answers to those problems and rewrite them if you wish.

As you do your homework before class, I encourage you to talk with your fellow students; you can also talk to other people and look at other books. However, when you write up your homework during class, you should only communicate with the people in your group (or me), and you should all understand as much as possible what you turn in. When making the final write-up, you may use calculators (but not communication devices such as cell phones) and any notes that you wrote yourself (including, of course, any homework that you wrote up before class).

The small groups will be assigned differently every day. You may all sign the same paper, or you may turn in separate papers. No one can be forced to sign on to a paper that they disagree with, nor can anyone be prevented from signing on to any paper from their group. If you miss class, then you can turn in your homework later, but you will be graded on different problems. I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible if you miss class or expect to.

You can always do more homework problems! You may need to practise the material if you want to remember it for the final exam, a subsequent course, or the rest of your life. If you bought MyMathLab access with your course textbook (or separately), then you can find supplementary problems there. (However, MyMathLab, is not required for this section.)

In case you miss the homework assignment in class, you can find it below. When I return graded homework, I may post some solutions here too; see the downloading help if you have trouble reading them.

  1. From the Chapter 1 Test (page 147):
  2. From §2.2 (pages 164–167):
  3. From §2.3 (pages 178–182):
  4. From §12.1 (pages 854–858):
  5. From §§3.1&3.2:
  6. From §3.3 (pages 230–234):
  7. From §3.4 (pages 241–244):
  8. From §6.1 (pages 406–408):
  9. From §6.2 (pages 417–421):
  10. From §3.5 (pages 253–257):
  11. From §3.6 (pages 260–263):
  12. From §2.1 and §4.1:
  13. From §4.3 (pages 297–299):
  14. From §4.4 (pages 305–309):
  15. From §6.3 (pages 432–437):
  16. From §6.4 (pages 446–450):
  17. From §6.5 (pages 457&458):
  18. From §6.6 (pages 463–465):
  19. From §6.7 (pages 472–475):
  20. From §6.8 (pages 484–486):
  21. From §5.1 (pages 337–341):
  22. From §5.5 (pages 385–387):
  23. From §5.6 (pages 392&393):
  24. From §§5.2&5.3:
  25. From §5.4 (pages 371–374):
  26. That's it!

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