I need to take attendance every day for purposes of financial aid; if you fail the class, then I must report your last day of attendance. If this is too early, then this can affect your financial aid. Note that failure to attend will not drop you from the class; you need to fill out a withdrawal form if you want to do that. (The deadline for withdrawal is May 8 Tuesday.)

Attendance does not count for your grade directly, but since there's a quiz (or an exam) nearly every day, you really shouldn't skip class anyway. (In any case, it's harder to learn if you skip!) I will normally use the quiz (or exam) to take attendance. (On the first day of class, I'll pass around an attendance sheet.)

If you expect to be absent, then tell me ahead of time! That way, we can arrange for you to ask any questions that you need and to make up quizzes and exams.

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