Readings and homework

I will assign readings listed below. Most readings will have associated exercises due in class the next day. (In Section ES32, there will be two assignments due each Tuesday and one each Thursday; in Section ES34, there will be one assignment due each Monday, one each Wednesday, and one each Friday.) Unless otherwise specified, all readings and exercises are from the 10th Edition of Algebra and Trigonometry written by Sullivan and published by Prentice-Hall (Pearson).

Here are the assigned readings and exercises:

  1. Graphing points:
  2. Graphing equations:
  3. Lines in the plane:
  4. Systems of equations:
  5. Functions:
  6. Graphing functions:
  7. Properties of functions:
  8. Word problems:
  9. Linear functions:
  10. Examples of functions:
  11. Composite functions:
  12. Inverse functions:
  13. Coordinate transformations:
  14. Quadratic functions:
  15. Quadratic word problems:
  16. Exponential functions:
  17. Logarithmic functions:
  18. Properties of logarithms:
  19. Logarithmic equations:
  20. Compound interest:
  21. Exponential growth and decay:
  22. Polynomial functions:
  23. Advanced factoring:
  24. Complex numbers:
  25. Rational functions:
  26. Graphing rational functions:
  27. Inequalities:
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