I will probably assign homework every day (except exam days), covering the material from the lecture given that day, and due the next non-exam class day. However, in case you have any questions about a homework assignment, we can discuss it during the first 10 minutes or so of the day that it's due. During this time, I'll try to ensure that everybody knows how to do it. The homework problems will come from the textbook.

You don't have to turn in the homework, but you should try it! If you find some problems easy, then you can skip to the next batch, but you'll need to practise the material if you want to remember it for quizzes or exams, a subsequent course, or the rest of your life. Also, the quizzes will be heavily based on the assigned homework, and you can use your completed homework while taking the quizzes!

As you do your homework, I encourage you to talk with your fellow students. This is not cheating! Only the quizzes and exams have to be your own work.

In case you miss the homework assignment in class, you can find it here:

  1. Review:
  2. Circles:
  3. Angles:
  4. Right triangles:
  5. Special angles:
  6. Other angles:
  7. Circular trigonometry:
  8. Trigonometric functions:
  9. Graphing:
  10. Advanced graphing:
  11. Inverse trigonometric functions:
  12. Trigonometric equations:
  13. Trigonometric identities:
  14. Sums of angles:
  15. Halves of angles and solving right triangles:
  16. Solving triangles:
  17. Areas from lengths and angles:
  18. Polar coordinates:
  19. Polar equations:
  20. Vectors:
  21. That's it!

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