On most days, 10 minutes of class will be a quiz taken from the homework due that day. There will be no quizzes on exam days or on the first or last day of class. If (for any reason) we cannot hold a quiz as scheduled, then we'll make it up on the next class day.

For a quiz, you may use any notes that you wrote yourself, so you may refer to your homework assignment if you did it. However, you may not use your book or anything else not written by you. You certainly should not talk to other people! Calculators are allowed, although you shouldn't really need them.

When I return a quiz, I'll post my solutions here; see the downloading help if you have trouble reading them.

  1. Review:
  2. Circles:
  3. Angles:
  4. Right triangles:
  5. Special angles:
  6. Other angles:
  7. Circular trigonometry:
  8. Trigonometric functions:
  9. Graphing:
  10. Advanced graphing:
  11. Inverse trigonometric functions:
  12. Trigonometric equations:
  13. Trigonometric identities:
  14. Sums of angles:
  15. Halves of angles and solving right triangles:
  16. Solving triangles:
  17. Areas from lengths and angles:
  18. Polar coordinates:
  19. Polar equations:
  20. Vectors:
  21. That's it!

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