Welcome to the home page for Section ES31 of MATH-1200 (Trigonometry) at Southeast Community College in the Fall term of 2018. I am Toby Bartels, the instructor.


Here is material about the administration of the course:


If you miss an assignment, then you can find it here. Most graded work may be done in class; although it can be made up outside of class, regular attendance is important.


The official textbook for the course is Algebra & Trigonometry written by Abramson and published by OpenStax. You should be able to get this at the bookstore (in paperback), or you can read it online (see the link below); most assignments will come from it. One way or another, you need a copy of this textbook.

I also have some lecture notes, handouts, links, and so forth. Many of these will be part of the assigned reading, so let me know if you have any difficulty accessing them.

More to come?
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