Reading homework and online problem sets

Required resources

The official textbook for the course is the 11th Edition of Algebra & Trigonometry written by Sullivan and published by Prentice-Hall (Pearson).

Basic trigonometry

  1. General review:
  2. Circles:
  3. Angles:
  4. Right triangles:
  5. Special angles:
  6. General angles:
  7. Circular trigonometry:
  8. The trigonometric functions:
Quiz/Exam 1, covering the material above, is on October 1 Tuesday.

Advanced trigonometry

  1. Basic graphing:
  2. Transformations of trigonometric functions:
  3. Sinusoidal functions:
  4. Inverse trigonometric operations:
  5. Sum-angle and related formulas:
  6. Half-angle and related formulas:
  7. Simplifying trigonometric expressions:
  8. Trigonometric equations:
Quiz/Exam 2, covering the material above, is on November 5 Tuesday.


  1. Solving right triangles:
  2. The Law of Sines:
  3. The Law of Cosines:
  4. Area of triangles:
  5. More to come!
Quiz/Exam 3, covering the material above, is on December 5 Thursday.


A comprehensive final exam is on December 18 Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
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