Problem sets

I will assign problem sets that will be listed below. Unless otherwise specified, all readings and exercises are from the 2nd Edition of University Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Hass et al published by Addison Wesley (Pearson).

You can always do more homework problems! You may need to practise the material if you want to remember it for the quizzes, the final exam, a subsequent course, or the rest of your life. If you bought MyMathLab access with your course textbook (or separately), then you can find supplementary problems through the Moodle page. (However, MyMathLab is not required for this section.)

Here are the assigned problems:

  1. General review:
  2. Continuity:
  3. Limits:
  4. Epsilontics:
  5. Additional limits:
  6. Derivatives as limits:
  7. Derivative functions:
  8. Basic rules:
  9. Differentials:
  10. Exponential functions:
  11. Implicit differentiation:
  12. Trigonometric functions:
  13. Logarithms:
  14. Inverse trigonometric functions:
  15. Derivatives with respect to time:
  16. Related rates:
  17. Sensitivity and linear approximation:
  18. Mean-value theorems:
  19. L'Hôpital's Rule:
  20. Absolute extrema:
  21. Local extrema:
  22. Concavity:
  23. Graphing:
  24. Applied optimization:
  25. Summation notation:
  26. Riemann sums:
  27. Riemann integrals:
  28. Antidifferentiation:
  29. Integration by substitution:
  30. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus:
  31. Differential equations:
  32. Planar area:
  33. Arclength:
  34. Volume of revolution:
  35. Surface area of revolution:
  36. Newton's Method:
That's it!
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