In case you miss a homework assignment in class, you can find it below. Unless otherwise specified, all problems are from the 2nd Edition of University Calculus: Early Transcendentals published by Addison Wesley (Pearson). When I return graded homework, I may post some solutions here too; see the downloading help if you have trouble reading them. (See the grading policies for general instructions on doing homework and how it will be graded.)
  1. Introduction and Review:
  2. Work:
  3. Moments:
  4. Differential equations:
  5. Integration by parts:
  6. Integration of trigonometric expressions:
  7. Integration by trigonometric substitution:
  8. Integration by partial fractions:
  9. Integrating using computers:
  10. Improper integrals:
  11. Infinite sequences:
  12. Infinite series:
  13. Convergence tests for positive series:
  14. The ratio and root tests:
  15. Series with negative terms:
  16. Power series:
  17. Taylor series:
  18. Applications of Taylor series:
  19. Parametrised curves:
  20. Arclength, polar coordinates:
  21. Calculus with polar coordinates, graphs in three dimensions:
  22. Vectors in two and three dimensions:
  23. Cross products:
  24. Analytic geometry with vectors:
  25. That's it!

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