Welcome to the permanent home page for Section ES31 of MATH-1700 (Calculus 2) at Southeast Community College in the Spring term of 2020. I am Toby Bartels, the instructor.

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Reading homework

The official textbook for the course is the 4th Edition of University Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Hass et al published by Addison Wesley (Pearson). There are also two packets of course notes (DjVu):
  1. General review:
  2. Work:
  3. Moments:
  4. Differential equations:
  5. Exponential growth:
  6. Integration by parts:
  7. Partial fractions:
  8. Trigonometric integration:
  9. Tricky trigonometric integration:
  10. Trigonometric substitution:
  11. Integration using computers and tables:
  12. Numerical integration:
  13. Error estimation:
  14. Improper integrals:
  15. Comparison tests:
  16. Sequences:
  17. Limits of infinite sequences:
  18. Finite series:
  19. Infinite series:
  20. Evaluating special series:
  21. The Integral Test:
  22. Integral estimates for series:
  23. Comparison tests for series:
  24. Alternating series:
  25. Absolute convergence:
  26. The Ratio and Root Tests:
  27. Convergence tests:
  28. Power series:
  29. Taylor polynomials:
  30. Taylor remainders:
  31. Taylor series:
  32. The Binomial Theorem:
  33. More common Taylor series:
  34. Applications of Taylor series:
  35. Three-dimensional space:
  36. Graphs in three dimensions:
  37. Vectors:
  38. Vector algebra:
  39. Length and angle:
  40. Projections:
  41. The dot product:
  42. Area:
  43. The cross product:
  44. Parametrized curves:
  45. Geometry with vectors:
  46. Velocity vectors:
  47. Calculus with parametrized curves:
  48. Arclength of parametrized curves:
  49. Polar coordinates:
  50. Equations in polar coordinates:
  51. Graphs in polar coordinates:
  52. Area in polar coordinates:
  53. Length in polar coordinates:
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