The first day of class (January 7 Monday), I'll discuss the administrative aspects of the course and give a brief introduction to the ideas covered in this term of Calculus. If you miss this day, then you shouldn't suffer too much for it, but you'll want to get the administrative information from me. The next day (January 8 Tuesday), the class will begin in earnest.

We cover all of Chapters 12 through 15 of the official textbook. Here is the complete list of covered sections: 12.1–6, 13.1–8, 14.1–8, 15.1–8. (I will treat §§12.1–3 as review.) I'll probably go pretty much in the textbook's order, although I might swap a few sections around; I'll announce this ahead of time if I do. (To follow what we've covered so far, the easiest thing to do is to check the homework page.)

The last day to drop the course with a full refund is January 14 Monday; the last day to drop at all is February 15 Friday. By February 14 Thursday, your midterm grade estimates should be available on WebAdvisor; your final grades should be available there on March 21 Thursday. Follow your grades on Moodle if you want to know them faster.

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