In case you miss a homework assignment in class, you can find it below. Unless otherwise specified, all problems are from the 2nd Edition of University Calculus: Early Transcendentals published by Addison Wesley (Pearson). See the grading policies for general instructions on doing homework and how it will be graded.

You can always do more homework problems! You may need to practise the material if you want to remember it for the final exam, a subsequent course, or the rest of your life. If you bought MyMathLab access with your course textbook (or separately), then you can find supplementary problems there; use Course ID bartels18672. (However, MyMathLab is not required for this section.)

Here is the assigned homework:

  1. Introduction, vectors:
  2. Curves, multivariable functions:
  3. Multivariable limits and continuity, integration on unoriented curves:
  4. Vector fields and differential forms, integration on (pseudo)-oriented curves:
  5. Partial differentiation, directional derivatives and gradients:
  6. Applications of partial differentiation:
  7. Multiple integration:
  8. Change of variables:
  9. Integrals on surfaces, conservative vector fields and exact differential forms:
  10. Stokes Theorems:
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