Readings and homework

I will assign readings listed below. Most readings will have associated exercises due in class the next day. Unless otherwise specified, all readings and exercises are from the 2nd Edition of University Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Hass et al published by Addison Wesley (Pearson).

Here are the assigned readings and exercises (undated assignments are tentative):

  1. Vectors:
  2. Parametrized curves:
  3. Integration of vector-valued functions:
  4. Arclength:
  5. Functions of several variables:
  6. Limits and continuity:
  7. Vector fields and differential forms:
  8. Partial derivatives:
  9. Directional derivatives:
  10. Tangents:
  11. Linearization:
  12. Optimization:
  13. Constraints:
  14. Integration along curves:
  15. More integration on curves:
  16. Conservative vector fields and exact differential forms:
  17. Double integrals:
  18. Triple integrals:
  19. Areas, volumes, and averages:
  20. Moments:
  21. Coordinate transformations:
  22. Polar coordinates:
  23. Surfaces:
  24. Integrals across surfaces:
  25. Integrals on surfaces:
  26. Green's Theorem:
  27. Stokes's Theorem:
  28. Gauss's Theorem:
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