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2006 August 3

Well, iLearn for some reason doesn't allow students to access a course after the course ends, even though it's still being graded. (And why you shouldn't be able to look it up when you're a hundred years old, if you want to, is beyond me.) Fortunately, the only thing on there that isn't on my own course website (which will exist forever if I have anything to say about it) is your grades, so I will email each of you all of your grades.

2006 August 1

The grades of every assignment are recorded and now available on iLearn. (Let me know if you have trouble logging in.) In a few minutes, the Homework "Total" will disappear (although all of the individual Homework scores will remain). Then a new "Weighted Total" will show up; that is your final grade!

2006 July 27

The solutions to every homework assignment, as well as to the mock final, are posted on the homework page on the course website. Remember that this morning's solution to question (6) on the mock final was wrong; the online version is correct. I'll see you tomorrow at 10:30!

2006 July 26

2006 July 17

The homework scores on iLearn are now given as a numerical score rather than as a percentage, so you can compare directly to what you got handed back. (Be sure to tell me if something's recorded wrong! I'll doublecheck from my own records, but the more checks, the better.) Also, a new item "Total" gives the current letter average of your homework scores only. (I can't get the spreadsheet to average homework and projects properly without putting in all of the relative percentages by hand, so I'm not going to do that until the very end.) Your project grades are recorded as separate letter grades. (Remember that in the end, each project is worth 10%, while the homeworks as a whole are worth 20%.) And yes, the first project grade is finally up!

2006 July 5

I didn't quite have the new Project ready today, but it's now posted online at Since the project won't be officially assigned until tomorrow (July 6 Thu), it won't be officially due until July 13 Thursday.

2006 July 3

I've graded the first homework assignment and put the scores up on iLearn, so you can go there to test viewing your grades online. (Note that I made one problem extra credit, so don't get too excited if you have an A+; it probably won't last, but who knows?)

2006 June 26

I'm Toby Bartels, and I'm the instructor for MATH/CS 11 this term. If you're reading this, then you're probably in the class. The main web site for the course is, so I encourage you to go over there and take a visit!
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