MATH 112 books

In short, I'm not using the usual book because it's very expensive. But if you already have that book, then it will work fine. There is also a book of problems.

The required book

This is not the usual book for the MATH 112 course, but I've chosen it because it's quite cheap and covers almost everything that we need in this course. Get this book!

The optional book

This book is a companion to the above. It contains a great number of fully worked-out problems -- 2000, in fact. If you want to have some more problems to do, then get this book.

The alternate book

This book is the usual textbook for MATH 112. I'm not using it, because I think that it's far too expensive. However, if it's worth it to you, this book also covers more material. If you already have this book or decide that you want to buy it, then you can use this book instead of Lipschutz & Lipson. But this book won't replace the book of problems. If you use this book, then be forewarned that there are differences of terminology and notation between this book and Lipschutz & Lipson.

The book not recommended

Warning: Don't confuse this book with the required textbook by the same authors! This book is just an abridgment and doesn't have everything that we will cover. Don't bother to get this book!

Supplementary handouts

There will also be some supplementary handouts, depening on how the class is going when I get to them. So far, I've handed out two pages photocopied from Rosen, one on equivalences between logical statements and another (quite similar!) page on equations between sets. I've also handed out a sheet on introduction and elimination rules of inference for the various logical operators.
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