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Final grades

The final grades for the course have been turned in. You should be able to see your grade on the Blackboard website. I couldn't get Project 4 to go in to the system properly as extra credit, so I simply added the Project 4 scores onto Project 3. If you did Project 4 and want to know how to divide the scores, then come by my office and pick up your projects. In fact, you can all come by my office and pick up all of your homework! I need to hold to the final exams for a year, but you can still get a photocopy of yours. I'll be around in my office most of the time this week, and you can always email me in advance. And speaking of email, the servers are working again, so you can send email to my regular address.

Answers to everything

All of the answers to all of the homework exercises, as well as answers to the mock final, are now posted. Be sure to look over any answers that you've missed! In particular, I was never able to hand out answers to Homeworks 13 and 14 in class, but they are online along with everything else.

Rules of Inference

Just in case you didn't see it in class, note that there is now a handout on Rules of Inference, covering material that is not exactly in the books. It is available on the course web site on the Books page.

Office hours

The office hours for the course have been set. They are: You can also meet with me by appointment; just send an email.

Welcome to MATH 112!

I'm Toby Bartels, and I'm the instructor for MATH 112 this term. If you're reading this, then you're probably in the class. The main web site for the course is, so I encourage you to go over there and take a visit!
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