MATH 112 books

The usual book is very expensive, so there's a different book that you can use instead. You only need to buy one of these.

The recommended book

This is not the usual book for the MATH 112 course, but I've chosen it because it's quite cheap and covers almost everything that we need in this course.

The alternate book

This book is the usual textbook for MATH 112, and it will be the textbook for MATH 11 next term. I'm not using it, because I think that it's far too expensive. However, if it's worth it to you, this book also covers more material. If you already have this book or decide that you want to buy it, then you can use this book instead of Lipschutz & Lipson. If you use this book, then be forewarned that there are differences of terminology and notation between this book and Lipschutz & Lipson.

Supplementary handout

There is also a supplementary handout on rules of inference:
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