Welcome to the permanent home page for Section LN07 of MATH-1150 (College Algebra) at Southeast Community College in the Spring term of 2021. I am Toby Bartels, the instructor.

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The official textbook for the course is the 11th Edition of Algebra & Trigonometry by Sullivan published by Prentice-Hall (Pearson).
  1. General review:
  2. Graphing points:
  3. Graphing equations:
  4. Lines:
  5. Systems of equations:
  6. Functions:
  7. Graphs of functions:
  8. Properties of functions:
  9. Word problems with functions:
  10. Examples of functions:
  11. Composite functions:
  12. Inverse functions:
  13. Coordinate transformations:
  14. Quadratic functions:
  15. Applications of quadratic functions:
  16. Exponential functions:
  17. Logarithmic functions:
  18. Properties of logarithms:
  19. Applications of logarithms:
  20. Polynomial functions:
  21. Advanced factoring:
  22. Rational functions:
  23. Inequalities:


  1. Graphs and functions:
  2. More TBA.

Final exam

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