The first day of class (October 2 Tuesday), I'll discuss the administrative aspects of the course and give a brief introduction to the basic ideas of Applied Calculus. If you miss this day, then you shouldn't suffer too much for it, but you'll want to get the administrative information from me. The next day (October 4 Thursday), the class will begin in earnest.

Roughly speaking, we cover Chapters 3 through 7 of the official textbook, but not in the textbook's order. This includes essentially all of Calculus Made Easy, but not Chapters XV&XVI.

Our daily schedule will look something like this:

October 2 Tuesday: Introduction;
October 4 Thursday: Algebra review (§§1&2);
October 9 Tuesday:Differences and differentials;
October 11 Thursday: Differentials and derivatives (§3-5, §§4-3–4-5);
October 16 Tuesday: Higher derivatives and functions (§5-2);
October 18 Thursday: Applications of differentials and derivatives (§3-7, §4-6);
October 23 Tuesday: Limits (§§3-1&3-2, §5-3);
October 25 Thursday: Optimisation (§§5-5&5-6);
October 30 Tuesday:Graphs (§5-1, §5-4);
November 1 Thursday: Exponents and logarithms (§§4-1&4-2);
November 6 Tuesday: Applications involving exponents and logarithms (§4-7);
November 8 Thursday: Basics of integration (§6-1, §6-5);
November 13 Tuesday: Integration techniques (§6-2, §§7-3&7-4);
November 15 Thursday: Applications of integration (§§7-1&7-2);
November 20 Tuesday: Differential equations (§6-3);
November 27 Tuesday: Numerical methods of integration (§6-4);
November 29 Thursday: Numerical methods of limits and differentiation (§§3-3&3-4, §3-6);
December 4 Tuesday:Catch up;
December 6 Thursday:Review;
December 11 Tuesday: Final exam;
December 13 Thursday:Final review.
But this is a table of estimates, not promises! (I will update this table as time passes.)

The last day to drop the course with a full refund is October 9 Tuesday; the last day to drop at all is November 9 Friday. By November 6 Tuesday, your midterm grade estimates should be available on WebAdvisor; your final grades should be available on December 18 Tuesday.

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