In case you miss a homework assignment in class, you can find it below. Unless otherwise specified, all problems are from the 2nd Edition of University Calculus: Early Transcendentals published by Addison Wesley (Pearson). See the grading policies for general instructions on doing homework and how it will be graded.

These assignments are subject to change, but any changes will be announced in class and marked here with strong emphasis at least one day before the due date. Due dates will only change in case of emergency or if the discussion spills over into the next day. (Every due date except the first and last is a Wednesday.)

  1. Vectors, curves:
  2. Multivariable functions:
  3. Partial differentiation:
  4. Applications of partial differentiation:
  5. Vector fields and differential forms:
  6. Integration on curves:
  7. Multiple integration:
  8. Change of variables:
  9. Integrals on surfaces:
  10. Stokes Theorems:
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