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2005 July 25

If you still have Project 4 out (as half of you do), then remember to turn it in today, I believe I said by 10:00. If you have anything to hand in late, then I'll take that too, but I can't promise that it will affect your final grade.

The grades on the BlackBoard system online are more complete now. In all, there are 16 Homeworks, 4 Projects, and 1 Final Exam. If I haven't posted an assignment yet, then you won't see it and it won't affect the average listed on the far right. Once you see all assignments posted, however, then you should see your final grade on the far right.

The Project scores were initially entered incorrectly online; once I fix that (in a few minutes), then your score will appear 3.5% higher than before. (This is not a change in anybody's grade, just a correction of what appears online.)

2005 July 20

I forgot to remark in class today that question (3) in the Homework due tomorrow is rather tricky and should be marked Extra Credit. So don't stress out too much if you can't get anywhere with it; it relies on a trick that's not at all obvious.

2005 July 19

I mentioned this in class, but I forgot to announce it online: There is an additional handout on proof techniques and rules of inference, linked to from the course main page (under Books). You're not required to know this material (as opposed to the original handout on Rules of Inference, which is fair game for exam questions); but it may help you figure out where to go (logically) in proofs (especially if you're a diagrammatic sort of thinker).

2005 July 14

There is a mistake in the Homework due Monday; the right-hand side of the equation in (4c) should be n! − 1, not simply n!.

2005 June 29

I've posted my solutions to Homeworks 2 and 3 online. (I'll hand copies out tomorrow.) Since there's a proof in problem (8b) on Homework 3, you may want to look at this (as another example of a proof) while you finish Homework 5 for tomorrow.

2005 June 23

The handout on rules of inference has also been posted on the course website.

2005 June 21

I'm off to a good start, with an error in the first homework assignment. (I checked it twice, but apparently I didn't check it enough.) The answer to (3a) should have T in the bottom right corner (not F).

The version online has been corrected.

2005 June 20

I'm Toby Bartels, and I'm the instructor for MATH 11 this term. If you're reading this, then you're probably in the class. The main web site for the course is, so I encourage you to go over there and take a visit!
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