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The grades are posted

The final grades for the course have been sent to the registrar. They are all posted on the Blackboard web site, If you're having trouble reaching that, then email me to learn your grades. Every revised project that I received was graded, no matter how late.

To see your final exam and final proofs project, and to pick up any other outstanding work, stop by my office. I have no specific hours planned, but I'll be around most of the time; in any case, you can make an appointment with me by email.

Final grades

The grades for weeks 1 through 3 are all available through the Blackboard site, which in turn linked to from the main course website. Check it out if you like, and make sure that the grades there are correct.

Grades for redone projects, homework 4, project 4, and the final will appear there when I've finished them.

After Tuesday, you'll be able to pick this stuff up from me in my office; make an appointment by email if you want to make sure that I'll be there.

The redone projects that came to my office before now will be regraded. Any that appear after now probably won't be, but it depends on the time, so you can still bring them by if you like.

Due date updates

The homework and projects on counting aren't due until August 20 (Wednesday). You can do a second version of Project 1 to get more points, through August 28 (the last regular day of class).

Problems 17 and 18 not due

Problems 17 and 18 on this week's homework refer to concepts that I haven't covered in class yet. (I said in class that we covered everything on the homework, but that was a mistake.) Therefore, these problems are not due on Tuesday.

Homework due Tuesday

Homework is due every week on Tuesday, not Monday. So the homework from this first week is due August 5. This is so that you can ask questions about it on Monday, including the homework on the material that we cover in class on Thursday.

Office hours

Office hours have been set every day just after class, from 10:00 to 12:00 in Surge 263.

Welcome to MATH 112!

I'm Toby Bartels, and I'm the instructor for MATH 112 this term. If you're reading this, then you're probably in the class. The main web site for the course is, so I encourage you to go over there and take a visit!
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