Gift list

This list is up to date following my 2019 birthday, although arguably it no longer fits my lifestyle.

I don't expect to receive any gifts just because it's a traditional occasion for giving them. However, I know that some of my relatives delight in giving gifts, so I'm providing this list as a public service. (If you're giving me presents for my birthday or Christmas, then you may want to coordinate with my mom and Crystal.) See also the charities below.

There are occasional links to the home page of an author or product, (but that doesn't mean that you should buy from —for example— just because the linked page is an Amazon partner). The charity websites seem to be particularly poorly designed.

Besides what is on this list, if you want to give me a gift from an author or artist whose work you know that I like, then that's fine; if you're worried about redundancy, then you can check the list of stuff that I already have.


I don't need anything for Christmas, but some people do —and for the rest of the year. Through charity gifts, your present to me (and your other friends and relatives) can be a gift for those who really need it. So when I say that I want world peace for Christmas, you can make a start!



I have included parenthetical estimates of the sections of the bookstore where you are most likely to find these books.

Comic books

It's better to get large collections than individual issues. Nowadays, you can often find these in ordinary bookstores, but it's also nice if you support your local independent comic book shops.

Comic strips

These days, you can buy individual prints of comic strips, but it's still best to go for the collections.

Computer games


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