Contacting me

The best way to reach me is by email. If you are taking class from me, then you should write me at my school email address, not what's described here.

Otherwise, you can write me at pretty much any email address at my domain, For example, you can write me at, or you can make up something else to replace 541aa6fc. You can even pick something randomly. The probability that you pick something that goes into the spam folder is negligible. (By the way, uppercase and lowercase letters are equivalent in my email addresses.)

If I reply to your email, then I will send it from an address just for you (or for you and the other addressees of the email). You should probably use that address (which should happen automatically if you reply to my reply), although it usually doesn't matter very much. If I give you an email address in some other way, then you will also get an address just for you (or for your group).

You should not send email to the following addresses, which go straight into the spam folder:

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