Who am I?

As far as I can tell, I'm the only English-speaking ‘Toby Bartels’ (or ‘TobyBartels’, or with varied capitalization) on the Internet. If you know one and want to check whether it's me, then you can either ask me or check here. I have gone by ‘Tobi Bartels’ and ‘Tobias Bartels’ in the past, but these names on the Internet (or elsewhere) rarely refer to me. If ‘Bartels’ is spelt differently, then the odds drop dramatically. (There seem to be some German speakers around called ‘Toby Bartels’, although ‘Tobi’ is used much more commonly in that language; while I know some German, I've written almost none of it online.) Of course, there's no telling what names other people have used to refer to me.

I am nonbinary and use singular ‘they’ as a pronoun in English, and gender-neutral pronouns as much as possible in other languages. You can call me ‘Mx Bartels’ or (in an academic context) ‘Dr Bartels’ if ‘Toby’ is too informal.

For my physical presence, I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the United States of America, and I've lived there most of my life, with these exceptions in southern California (also in the USA):

I'm now back in Lincoln. Of course, I've been in other locations briefly from time to time, but I've never lived anywhere else. You could also try to recognize me from these old pictures.

Here is a (very incomplete) list of my online locations:

If you know or suspect any omissions (and there are many), then please feel free to ask me or remind me! I usually don't put something on this list unless somebody asks about it or I suspect potential confusion.
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