Welcome to the home page for section ES31 of MATH-1400 (College Algebra) at Southeast Community College in the Spring term of 2011. I am Toby Bartels, the instructor.


Here are some useful links for the administration of the course:


If you miss a homework assignment, then you can find it here. Eventually the solutions to homework and exams will show up here too. Although only homework and exams count towards your grade, attendance is also important.


I plan to approach the basic concepts of calculus using infinitesimal differentials, because this is easier and closer to the way calculus is actually used, compared to the approach taken by the textbook (which is based on limits). A nice textbook that takes the same approach as I do is Calculus Made Easy (Silvanus Thompson, 1910), which you can read free online (although the language is a bit old-fashioned and British).

I'll also have here some of my notes for lectures, hand-outs, and so forth. If you missed class, then you might be able to find a substitute here. But there is no guarantee that everything will show up!

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